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My name is Charmaine Doran. I am a local girl, born on O'ahu and raised in rural Hawai'i. It was growing up without much infrastructure or services, that I first discovered the power of the community's voice and the importance of holding government accountable. Having very little, we fought for everything.

That community spirit led me to enter public service at eighteen. While working full-time, I put myself through college at night. In 2005, while completing my master's degree, I began my work with the Honolulu City Council. I've spent about 30 years in county government drafting policies, laws, and budgets, culminating in work as the Director of the Office of Council Services for the Honolulu City Council. 

I currently serve on the Pearl City Neighborhood Board and chair its Legislative Committee. On the Board, I've used my extensive knowledge of the Council to help pass a record number of resolutions outlining key legislative priorities for our district.

I love my community. It's been my family's home for
nearly twenty years. Today, it's at a troubling crossroads. Affordable housing is lacking, infrastructure is eroding, climate change is imminent, homelessness is increasing, and corruption is ongoing at the city. These are long-standing issues. If our district is to thrive in the future, the time for half-hearted action is pau. 

We need and deserve a champion at the City Council-someone with the proven courage to put local people first and the experience to create real solutions. That's the public servant I have been and the Councilmember I intend to be. I humbly ask for your support. If we want change, we have to vote for it. I humbly ask for support this election.



Legislative Experience
30 Years Legislative Policy & Budgeting 
Legislative Analyst
Legislative Auditor
Chief of Staff
Office of Council Services, Director

Community Advocate
Pearl City Neighborhood Board
League of Women Voters – Hawai’i

Honolulu Board of Realtors 

University of Hawaii Graduate
Associates of Arts
Bachelor of Arts - Political Science
Master of Public Administration
Post-Graduate Urban Planning 

About Charmaine

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